Monday, February 17, 2020

It's been a while.

So, I don't typically go this long without posting at least some news about whats going on in my little corner of the world. But it's been a pretty wild ride since the last post. I'm going to try and keep this short.

So being the last post was about the Outbreak Prime a ton has happened since then. I have made a ton of things since that post was made. A bunch of commissions that kept me very busy for a while. It occupied a lot of my time so I wasn't able to really take the time to sit down and share things here on my blog. Ironically the more busy I got the more kept rolling in. With each new commission I ended up selling more on my regular items. I released new stuff in my Etsy store as I could manage it which just snowballed into having frankly more business than I could handle I was cranking out stuff as fast as I could manage while not sacrificing the quality that I know my customers deserve.

That lead to me having to close shop at the end of 2018 I had so much on my plate that I just couldn't take on anymore before I handled everything I was already working on. I did eventually work through it all and had a ton of happy customers. Things had finally calmed back down a bit. I decided to take a little time to recollect myself, upgrade my shop a bit, and try to get things a little more streamlined as far as production went. I am still only one person trying to keep up with the demand so I had to make things a little easier on myself to go from raw materials to finished product to ship out.

When I did finally opened my shop back up I thought I'd be moving forward with business as usual. Unfortunately that was not the case. Many people that land here know that I have spent quite a few years making replicas from probably my favorite video game, Destiny. I have always loved the game and the aesthetics of the weapons are something that really sparked my creative side. I have made a lot of replicas from Destiny specifically to bring a little bit of that world to our own and to have that little something for other guardians to cherish.

To be very clear on this, I was never officially associated with Bungie. I was simply a maker that happened to be a big fan and had some talent to bring those things to the real world. I loved the fact that Bungie was so supportive of their community and encouraged the community to share their creative side. Hell my Sword of Crota was even featured in their year one video here (@27:06 in the video).

But then things changed. Shortly after opening my shop back up last year I got inundated with email after email from Etsy telling my that X listing had been removed. Apparently the love from Bungie ended, at least as far as I was concerned. Within 2 days anything and everything at all Destiny related had been removed from my shop. My only option was to contact the company that filed the complaints. In the past this has happened to select items here and there and usually I was able to appeal that decision and carry on. This time I never ever got a response back to my emails.

So one of the biggest things I've been making in the past 5+ years was basically yanked from under me. I can still sell them on my own through select circumstance but they aren't exactly in the lime light where everyone can see them anymore. If you find something you are interested in from any of my previous posts or and of the future posts don't hesitate to contact me and ask if I am still selling X item and I can create a custom order for you.

You can contact me here

On the flip side of that it has opened up the chance to follow some other ideas. While I love Destiny and loved making all the things that I have I am excited to be able to follow a few other ideas that I've had. So after this post you can expect to see a lot of catch up posts about a lot of the things I've made over the past few years as well as a lot of new things coming up. If you've read this far I salute you and now you know the story of why my Etsy shop isn't filled with Destiny stuff anymore. 

Now that that's all caught up on with the stuff you actually want to see. Please stay tuned and subscribe seeing as I'm going to be sharing a lot in the next few months.