Saturday, April 15, 2017

Project Destiny: Young Wolf's Howl

I'm a big fan of Destiny, like that wasn't obvious. When the announcements of Rise of Iron (RoI) came out and the reveal that you could get the 'new iron Gjallarhorn' I pre-ordered it as soon as I could. I was excited to get my new Gjallarhorn so the day it came out I ran through the entire expansion story line in about 4 hours. While I still hadn't gotten my new Gjallarhorn, I found something else that excited me. The prize you receive upon becoming a new Iron Lord.

The Young Wolf's Howl, the Exotic sword you receive just caught my eye. The details on it were just awesome. So I put the controller down and went searching, I was looking for as much reference as I could I wanted to make it, I wanted to have my very own. While pictures at the time were scarce I did manage to collect enough to get started. I headed over to DestinySTL Generator and found out he didn't have it up just yet, that was fine this time around seeing as how I knew none of that detail would be in the model so I got to work.

I had previously made the Iron Lords Badge so I already had the details on the blade just had to blow it up a bit and got that printing out on Jarvis. In the mean time I worked on the pummel, handle and cross guard. I got it all done surprisingly quick for the amount of detail packed in those few small pieces.

I start those 3D printing with the intention to have it finished out and molded in time for the holiday season. But of course things never go as planned, especially as the holiday season starts rolling around. So even though I had the pieces printed out I just didn't have the time to get it finished up, so it got shuffled to the back burner.
This is what sat on my work bench through the holiday rush, taunting me.

I had several people inquire about commissions for this sword but none of them panned out so I just powered through the holiday rush. Sword after sword, pins, and guns flying out to get to people by X-mas. Even a huge commission piece (you'll see that one soon enough.) but still couldn't get the time to get some work done on the YWH.

Finally the Holidays were over I enjoyed X-mas with the family and the slow times after the rush. I took a week or two to relax a bit with only some small orders here and there.

Then there it was still staring me in the face and I decided, I was going to finish this thing regardless. So I started cleaning up my 3D bits and started getting them smoothed out. Then in the process I decided to start on the sword blade. Here are some progress pictures.

As you can see I was getting serious about getting this one done. Of course that spurred on getting a few other back burner projects done but you'll see those soon enough. I liked how things were looking but then I started noticing that the grooves on the Iron Lord symbol were a bit to deep and likely wouldn't survive to many pulls when it finally made it to mold so I filled those in a bit to make them a bit more shallow.
The one on the right is the original the left is filled in a bit. Once I was happy with that I finally started getting everything nice and smooth.

Finally everything was ready to mold. It had taken nearly two weeks of focused sanding and finishing but they were ready.

I had the pummel, handle, and cross guard molded before I had gotten the blade mold finished so I decided to get a head start and see what they looked like cold cast.
The first picture shows the progression of the raw cast of the cross guard on the right, the steel wool used on the pummel in the middle and the polished handle on the left. They were looking great. I had just finished the mother mold on the blade mold and decided why not cast it in brass as well considering by this time Bungie had released the Ornaments or the Young Wolf's Howl and I wanted to do those as well.
Here is another example of the process I go through with a lot of my stuff. The first picture is polished up with very fine steel wool, the second one is polished up, and the last one is with aging.
Again the difference aging can make, the first picture is without aging and it looks almost cartoon like. the second picture shows it with the aging and you can clearly see it makes it much more realistic.
Finally I had my first casting of the blade out and got to put it all together.

It was coming together beautifully. Then I decided to add the faux fur and the leather strapping.

 I then started playing with the hot metal look, I knew how I wanted to do it but I wasn't sure how it would turn out on a scale this big. Here's the first test.
Not bad but it didn't look right, then I realized on a scale this big typically if something is that hot it's giving of it's own light, the surrounding area needed to be darker to give the illusion that it's lit up, also to give the impression of the darkened metal that would happen when you have something that hot and are waving it around at your enemies.
Much better.

So without further ado I present to you The Young Wolf's Howl in a few different 'Ornaments'.

The plain Silver first.

The Hot Metal version. Also the one you see while actually wielding the sword in the game.

Lastly (for now) The Wolves Remember ornament.


There you have it, took me a few months, but finally it's done. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

If you would like to claim your prize as a new Iron Lord you can head over to my Etsy Store and pick one  up.


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