Saturday, April 8, 2017

Project Destiny: The Last Word 2.0

This is another remake and Part of a large commission order. (list and links at the end) This is another that I had made before as a scrap build, one off piece. I loved the look of it so much but in the end I did the best I could with the materials I was using. While the first one turned out pretty good I knew I could do better on such a detailed epic handcannon. So I tried my hand at this one again. I wanted this version to have cleaner details, a drop out reload, the cartridge, and something I could make a mold of so I could offer it up to my customers this time. I don't have a ton of progress pictures on this build but what here's what I do have.
Master Prototype
First Castings
Paint before final aging.

I like how this one turned out in the end I think I managed to do justice to the original game model. I'm proud to present the cast and finished "The Last Word"

You can pick up your very own "Last Word" here in my Etsy Store and pick one  up. Go pick yourself up one for your cosplay, your shelf, or simple to have "The Last Word"


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