Thursday, March 9, 2017

Project: Fallout Fusion Core.

I woke up one morning after spending a day off, playing fallout 4 pretty much all day long, thinking I wanted to make something else from fallout. I fired up the game started kind of poking around looking for something small, something most fans would recognize when they saw it. Then as I climbed in a suit of power armor it hit me, or at least the digital me hit it. Fusion cores.
So I searched to see if I could find a 3d model of it, even if it was something I would have to doctor up to my liking. Luckily I found one, and as a bonus it was pretty close. After a few treks here and there I started Jarvis up and got to 3d printing. First print went fairly fast I was still curious if I had gotten the sizing accurate so before I fired up the next print I pulled the piece out pulled up some reference and compared. I was suddenly very concerned that I had made it to small and would have to size it up and start all over. Then I remembered, I have huge hands, so I waited for my niece to get mostly ready for school, then walked up and literally asked "hey hold this for a second" turned her hand around a few times and realized it was just about perfect scale wise. Believe it or not she has gotten used to my odd "hey hold this for a second" moments.
While the second of the bigger prints was going I spent about 2 hours pick pocketing a brotherhood of steel Knight, basically sticking up on the digital fusion cores, I finally decided that 530 was probably enough to hold me over for a while, did a mission or two and by that point my prints were all done.
After a few tweaks it all fit together perfectly. Then the ever annoying sanding and filing. Luckily this one didn't take that long but I think the excitement of getting it to mold was probably pushing my productivity a bit.
Once I had it all prepped and looking pretty smooth I gave it an acetone gassing and got it all smooth. Final examination I realized between sanding and gassing the rivets on the side had all but disappeared, so I drilled then out and replaced them with some real rivets and it looked perfect.
After I had it to the finish I was happy with I made my mold boxes and poured some silicone. I always get a bit anxious waiting for silicone to cure. I have to find a place to set it out of sight so it's not a temptation to poke at it, hoping it's cured. After the wait as soon as I thought it was cured enough I popped the mold and started prepping for casting. I got a perfect pour the first carrying which was very satisfying. I applied the yellow"enamel" got it aged and shined up where it needed it. The final product was exactly how I had envisioned it. So without further ado, my fusion core from Fallout 4.

So months and months later I was cleaning up the shop a bit and found the original casting. It had a few flaws tat bugged me the biggest one was that in my rush to want to see it done I used a yellow paint rather than the enamel because the paint would dry in about 2 hours where as the enamel would take around 24 hours to fully dry. So I gave it another shot this time actually using the yellow enamel and I have to say now it looks spot on. Tell me what you think.

I am very proud of this one now and it is now available here for purchase. If you would like your very own Fallout 4 Fusion core you can purchase it below or on my Facebook page in the shop. 

Get your very own Fusion Core now so when you find that power armor you can actually slap it in there and kick some raider butt. 
(Legal notice: fusion core will not actually provide power to power armor, and if it does let me know ;)

Only $25  


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