Friday, March 31, 2017

Project Destiny: Byronic Hero Hand Cannon

Back in July of 2016 I had one of the most awesome custom requests I have had. Not necessarily because of what was being requested but because of how he requested it. In the initial request he gave me an exact description of what he was looking for with several reference images attached. Shortly there after he sent me another email with several more high res images of the gun.

This was a dream, to have someone do my typical first steps in any commission before I had even responded was awesome. On top of that he was incredibly respectful that this is what I do for a living as an artist and frankly a pleasure to talk with.

So after we talked shop and ironed out the details I got to work on it. It was great since I already had some great reference to work with I started the digital work on it the same day he sent payment.

I grabbed the base model from the wonderful DestinySTLGenerator and then proceeded to hack it apart into the separate pieces. I knew I was going to have to plan this out far ahead of time, not because of the fine details, but more because of the negative space in the gun. That's the one thing that made this one particularly interesting.

I got the digital work done in about a week with most everything planned out before I started 3D printing the parts. Once I had the part I printed out a handle (yeah being smart this time) and quickly realized it was way to big. So I scaled everything down a bit to where it was comfortable and got all the pieces printed out. Here's a few shots of the raw prints.

Once I had everything fitting nicely I started the long annoying smoothing process to get the parts nice and finished before I would mold them. Here are some shots of that long process.

 Here's one of it broken down into the various parts.


And one of two mostly fresh out of the mold castings, yes most of the parts were cold cast and here you can see I had already polished up a few of them

Then I got to work on the finishing paint, polishing, and finally the ageing to give it a more realistic look The results speak for themselves.

I personally think it turned out amazing and turns out so did the commissioner. Here are his own pictures of his new Byronic Hero

So let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. All this time and I happen across this (2022!!)… I wish you’d told me you had written this up, I’d certainly have replied MUCH sooner!!… Thank you for such a great piece, which I still very much cherish BTW! Just loaded up D2 to play with my son recently and to have a piece of the game so faithfully reproduced is a treat and a dream. Many thanks again Prof!!