Sunday, March 13, 2016

Project Destiny: Raze Lighter TKK Exotic Sword

I love Destiny when they announced that they would be releasing a huge new DLC called The Taken King (TKK) I was excited. I followed all the updates, and sneak peeks. When they finally released info that there would be new heavy weapon exotics that would happen to be swords I was very excited. I had already made both the hunter blade and the Sword of Crota, so for them to be releasing a new and usable melee weapon in Destiny was a moment of "yup I know my next project"

When picture started leaking I collected them. When they showed it in a live stream of new content gameplay I screenshot it. I collected all the info I could as it came along. I started my plans, I drew up blueprints best I could. The one thing that was hard to get a handle on was the actual size. Sure I could guesstimate the size, but perspectives and it moving about makes it hard to get it accurate.

When I saw that a few very talented people had tried there hand at 3D modeling these new swords I of course jumped on them. I wanted to compare there size to my plans. I took a look and realized very quickly that they just seemed to small. Now don't get me wrong a lot of the sword was very accurate but it seemed over all small for a "heavy weapon". In some of my screenshots this sword stuck over the guardians shoulder and nearly to his knee. This was the Claymore of Destiny, the weapon only a guardian could wield.

I went ahead with my research and decided I wanted this to be as accurate as I could make it. I wanted my guardian customers to feel the power of this Heavy Weapon Exotic Raze Lighter. I wanted it to seem bigger than life, so at a Con it would stand out as a mighty weapon not just a sword.

I printed out my plans and got to building. I 3D modeled the handle, cross guard, and the crystal. I went to printing those as I worked on the blade.
After I had all of my pieces nearly ready for molding I went back for one more reference and noticed I had the pummel all wrong. I had overlooked such a small detail I was actually kind of surprised at myself given I pride myself at the details. After modeling, printing, and finishing the new pummel, I was finally ready to mold this beast.

After everything was molded and peeled open I thought I was good to go. Time to cast my first Raze Lighter.

Turns out the initial fabrication was only the beginning. While most of the parts came out wonderfully, the crystal was just not turning out the way I had hoped, as well as, It was just to heavy.

It took many test runs and each one that came out not quite right discouraged me. After all the work put in so far I just couldn't seem to get the crystal to look right. Don't get me wrong, some looked pretty good, but they weren't what I was looking for. Here are a few of the "not quite" Castings.

On a whim as I was slush casting yet another crystal I tossed some of my cold cast powders in between layers. That's it! I had gotten closer than any other casting it just needed more. I gave it another try, this time I put a lot more in, I had thought it would be to much but wouldn't know till I could de-mold it. When I pulled it out I was pleasantly surprised it had turned out exactly how I wanted it.  The weight issue was quickly solved after that. This monster measures in at 4ft 8 inchs (picture below) but only weighs about 3 pounds. Now I can present to you The Exotic Sword The Raze Lighter:


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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Project Fallout: Nuka Cola Caps

Ever since Fallout 3 came out, I wanted my very own caps. I wanted to have a little piece of the wasteland to call my own. something I could put in my pocket or on my keys that was my little reminder of the many hours spent in the wasteland.  Now that Fallout 4 is out, it rekindled that desire to make a little piece of the wasteland. 

The difference between now and then? Well back then I had the desire but not so much the means. Now I have a full shop and years of experience. 

I started how nearly everyone does when they want some caps of there own, the internet. I looked at many different tutorials and templates. I even tried the print it out on some sticker paper and slap it on some caps. here's a pic or two of that.

Don't get me wrong for a hobbyist, these work great. However there are many issues down the line with these. Let's make a quick list here.

  • Very easy to make
  • Readily available materials (coke cap and some sticker paper and your good)
  • Very little know how needed, cut and stick then maybe some scratching

let me preface this with I always want the best possible product
  • when aging you very quickly notice the problems with sticker paper.
  • sticker can come off
  • ink can bleed 
  • forget it if it gets wet. 
  • keep it in a pocket with some keys for a day and nuka become coke real quick.
  • they look good at a distance upon close inspection, the illusion is gone
I liked them but not what I wanted. I set out to make the best Caps I could. I wanted them to be a step above the rest.
I bought myself some blank red caps. I thought to myself how do I get the nuka cola logo on these and make it last. Stencil? Sure I could make that work but the time I'd spend on each cap wouldn't make it cost effective. Hand painted? While I could I think the time and the amount that I would likely mess up, again not cost effective. Finally it dawned on me. Why not just stamp the suckers. At first I tried to overcomplicate this process as I have the habit of doing. I could make it like this, or maybe like this. After a few failed attempts this project got put on the back burners again.

Until one day my lovely wife looked at me and said "why don't you just get a stamp made" ... yep for some reason this obvious solution had not crossed my mind.  Within an hour I had found a place submitted the design and put my order in. Months of putting it off solved in about an hour.

A few days later my stamp as well as the ink had shown up on my doorstep.

 Now at this point I still had some reservations, I wasn't sure if the ink was going to be as durable as I was looking for. Of course there is only one way to know, I pulled out a handful of caps and started at it. To my amazement I got it right on the first try, the ink dried quickly and seemed pretty durable.

I had to, of course, put it through the wringer to make sure that it was exactly what I was looking for. I proceeded to put a bunch of caps in my tumbler, barely any wear. Next I added rough ceramic medium in with them, I had my concerns they would come out sanded down to metal. After about an hour, again barely any where on them. Now I was pretty happen with my ink, however because they were proving so durable my plans to quickly age them through tumbler or other wise didn't seem it was going to work.

After brainstorming with a friend and about 4 hours of trying to scratch these guys up they showed next to no wear. Turns out my best way of making these guys look like they had come from the wasteland was, believe it or not a PVC Pipe (to hold the cap on) a rock from the backyard, and a bit of elbow grease.

So I now present to you my Fallout Caps in there "Preserved" and aged wasteland conditions.
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These guys are more than a step above the went beyond even my ideals. These will wear and tear better than any out there. Considering you never know when you could wake up in the wasteland where these beauts will be the only currency you stock up today.