Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Project Destiny: Thorn 2.0 back and better than ever

My first Thorn (the year 1 epic handcannon from Destiny, full right up of the first build here) was a one off scrap build for a customer. When that commission fell threw it found a good home on the USS STETHEM. well I Had another commission for the Thorn, from the same person. This time it was one among several other guns the same person wanted. (List and links at the end)

I decided this time I wanted to build something I could mold. I wanted to be able to offer it to fans without having to do a scrap build every time. I also wanted to integrate more features this time. It is appropriately labeled an Epic gun. The look is unique and cannot be mistaken for any other handcannon in the game so I wanted to do it justice. Working trigger and hammer, drop out reload, cartridge you can load yourself. Well someone did an incredible job 3D modeling all these features already, so opposed to reinventing the wheel, I started with this model. Not at all to say that this is a simple print and finish job. I went in to the model and made it my own I put a lot of work in adding details, making a lot of adjustments before printing. In post printing made a ton more adjustments and customizing to my final piece. The final piece was something I was proud of something that had departed so much from the original that I felt it was my own, yet still kept the brilliant functions of the original. I made a mold of all the final pieces and this is the final results.

I give a lot of respect to those out there that want to get a 3D printed version (granted it is a lot cheaper) and finish it up themselves.

But, I know not everyone has the time and means to so if you would like to get your hands on one of my finished pieces your can head over here to my etsy store and get your self a full finished Thorn to call your own.

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