Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Personal Project: Crow Skull Cane

Every once in a while I get an idea that just hits me, one of those ideas that as a prop builder you just have to do. I rarely get the chance to make things specifically for myself, between orders, commissions, new builds, and just life in general. This time I had an idea and acted on it, I jotted it down before it disappeared into the back burner. I wanted to make myself a unique cane handle, something I had never seen before. I wanted to model it, print it, clean it up, mold it, and cast it in brass. Since the idea was very clear in my head for once I knew I could do it as a side project and not effect my main work flow to much.
 The very next day I took a bit of time to 3D model it. Here is a screenshot.

Then got it printing while I worked on my other pressing projects. Once the print was done I wanted to make sure my dimensions matched what I had intended.

Little bit of adjustments but over all pretty much perfect.

Then it got cleaned up and molded. The next day I did a cold cast of it in Brass after polishing it up and mounting it to the cane I had put together It came out just about perfectly how I had imagined.

Let me know what you think. Who knows maybe I'll make some more. If you are interested in one for yourself Head over to my Etsy and send me a Custom Request as I won't likely be adding this item to my shop just yet. 


  1. wow this is awesome! I'm going to make this for my steampunk plague doctor costume :)

  2. This is solid brass? I cannot find you on etsy. Is there any other way to contact you? I'm interested in this cane!

    1. It is cold cast in brass basically brass powder suspended in resin. If you would like to discuss purchasing one you can contact me through my Etsy store: https://professorcatpardus.etsy.com/

  3. Yes, I'd love one, it's awesome!

  4. I want one get ahold of me please ostrakon.xes@gmail.com

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  6. Contact a custom metal fabricator in India and have a hundred or do cast in solid brass. Sell online (EBay, Etsy, etc) You will do well.