Saturday, August 15, 2015

Destiny Project: Red Death

As I was plugging along on my 3 hand cannons and not to mention the back log I had of swords and hunter blades at the time, my phone sounded off letting me know I had a message on Etsy. I go and check it and it is Mr. Japan. asking for not just one more but two this time, Hawkmoon and Red Death. bringing the total of commissions at this point up two 5 not including the Sword of Crota. I went and collected my plethora of reference materials for both. At this point the amount of commissions I had gotten also afforded me a little extra spending money to throw into my business.
While looking at my reference I was also looking into 3D printers. This is not to say I wanted to switch over to purely printing but the thought behind it was some of those smaller more intricate pieces might be better served printed opposed to me building everything from scratch. It also effectively gave me another set of hands so while it was printing something I had previously 3D modeled I could be in the shop working on other things. I found one that suited my needs just fine and with a price that made it affordable. Maybe not top of the line but good enough for what I wanted it for. So meet Jarvis (yes an Iron Man reference with that one. I figured it's the closest I'll get to a Jarvis for now.)

This afforded me to print out the smaller parts that would otherwise take a lot of my time trying to get just right such as sights and small details that would take me much longer to work out of foam or styrene than it would take Jarvis to print them for me.

The Hawkmoon I will save for another post given there is a bit more to that part of the story so let me focus mostly on the Red Death. Here you go a TON of WIP pics for you.

As you can see the WIP pics are from pretty close to the beginning to paint just before details and finishing touches. Here are the pictures of the finished Exotic Pulse Rifle Red Death.

 Getting the "Blood" to have that texture took a bit of brain storming. After a lot of thought I realized I had done this very effect before just for deco reasons rather than on a prop. I added some "Dimensional paint" a.k.a. Puff paint to my blood mix and it worked perfectly.

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  1. insane wish i had one of those looks exact and the paint jo is perfect well done! 10/10

  2. Where can I get one?

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  4. Okay, but how can I make it?