Saturday, August 15, 2015

Destiny Project: Lord of Wolves

Right around the time that I was getting the Monte Carlo to paint "Mr. Japan" asked for another. This time a Shotgun from the (at the time) new expansion "House of Wolves. The Exotic shotgun Lord of Wolves.

I took a look at this one and really wanted to do it. It was very different shape wise than most of the things I had been doing. It was huge too. I will fully admit I very much underestimated the effort it would take to build this beast. Once I had gotten started on it I quickly realized that it was a ton of details all over the place. I would have to pretty much sculpt every little detail and then reproduce it, some up to 34 times, so I decided to build this one with the thought of making a mold of it in mind. This one was a very long process. First I made myself a basic blueprint. As with most of my blueprints they are mostly just for basic dimensions and over all most of the building of the actual item is based on reference images.

After building the initial base structure of the gun.

 I started building all the little details.

 Each on was a process in it's self, build with all the little details, take a mold, cast 2 or more. With so many molds in just the small details it seemed it would be a waste to not take molds of the big base pieces.
 After all the pieces had been molded I assembled the original for final paint and details. Here is the base paint after the first evening.

Here are the final pictures. A ton of work in this one but I really do enjoy the final product turned out just about perfect. Also the first ever gun I have made intended for a for someone with 4 arms...

If you hadn't guessed by this point this one will be up for sale so that anyone can get there very own. I will admit I was very happy with the final product of this guy by it was a long journey to get there. Reproductions consist of 104 different cast pieces, assembly of those 104 pieces, paint, detailing, and aging. This gun measures almost 4 feet and is a pretty impressive sight. Let me know what you think in the comments below and head over and follow my Facebook Page for updates on my current projects.


  1. I really want this because tommorows my birthday and this would make me real happy

  2. Can I buy one and if so how much would it be? This looks beautiful!

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