Sunday, October 26, 2014

Project Destiny: Sword of Crota

So after making my hunter blades and refining them, I decided to take a look and see what the next challenge would be. I still wanted to hold off on the guns, but still wanted to try my hand at a new project.

After searching for a while it seemed the only other melee weapon came across was the Sword of Crota. I'm not going to go into details but simply put a huge sword with a very organic look to it. I loved how simple yet still intricate the design was. It really was pretty huge, guesstimating the size it came in at about 4 ft. long, 13 inches wide (at the widest point) and almost 3 inches think in spots.

In my searching for reference i discovered getting a clear detailed shot of the entire blade was not that easy. After search, screen-shooting, and collecting I came up with what follows.

This Last one was part of about 3 screen shots I got and stitched together so i could draw up my very basic template. Simply put there is so much "organic" texture on this that drawing up a detailed template wouldn't have done a lot of good. I took my Basic shape and placement Template and then worked from many many reference pictures.

Here are a few of the WiP pics I took as I was going.
 The basic form cut out and slightly marked up

 The core and plastic mesh to reinforce the extra bits

 Details slowly coming along

 Most of the details roughed in and almost ready for paint

After cleaning it up a lot and finishing up some of the smaller details this is after several plastic coats and 2 coats of silver. 

This entire process took about 2 weeks seeing as there was a lot of details that had to be put in. After all the work and the paint was done I then took the time to go in and weather the entire thing. Probably one of the biggest pieces I've weathered in a long while. After I was happy with the weathering I put a couple coats of clear over the entire thing to seal in all the details.

After all the work I put into this one I love the finished product. Measuring an awesome 4ft. this sword is hard to forget after you've handled it. For such a massive size it only weighs just over a pound making it perfect for caring around at a Con without the fatigue. Take a look at the finished pictures below and if your interested in getting your own Head over to my Etsy Page with the Link below. :


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