Saturday, July 16, 2011

July Deathwish, The Time Machine, Steampunk Promenade

So I have kind of been updating as I go with developments with my girl and I being more involved with Deathwish in various ways. Well, this last one was a pretty big one. It has been planned and delayed a few times now but this last month's (July) theme was steampunk :). We were very excited to be able to dress up, but on top of that I got to do the decorations for it. It was pretty daunting to begin with, primarily because I only had about 3 weeks to try and get enough stuff done to decorate a club. Now, to be honest, I have done this in the past with roughly the same amount of time. It's not that I couldn't but it has been a very long time. This time, to begin with, I didn't have help. Toss on top of that: making costumes, helping the other dancers with what they would wear... oh yeah and making a flyer for next month. Yeah, quite a bit on my plate. However, it's a theme I love so I was pretty confident I could pull it off.

After coming up with some ideas for how to decorate (on a slim budget, mind you) I managed to enlist the help of two awesome friends and my girl in her rare free time :). They offered it up and I, gladly, accepted. After a few supply runs and a couple of thrift store runs, I gathered my materials and got to work. It started out pretty slow, a lot of trial "lets see if this works" kind of planning but once the ball started rolling it went pretty well.

As far as the Deco went I didn't get a lot of great shots of it up but there are a few.
Here are some shots of it out in my backyard LOL :)

In total ended up with:

21 thick small gears

4 thick large gears, one of which was the logo for Vendetta Music

10 thin small gears, 2 thin Large gears (for wall mounting). We made these so that they would be lighter and hopefully stay on the wall better :). They are VERY Shiny.
The Material we used to cover them has a near mirror finish, the lights played very well off of them :)

A Prop Tesla Coil: Given all the electronics and lighting in the club, a real one wasn't really an option. Besides that would have blown our budget right off the bat.

13 copper coils (basically spirals of copper wire kind of hard to get photos of though)
A 24" steampunk-ish clock

And 2 "Steam Stacks"

And Here is the Video of them in action ...

After a long day (and night) of setting up and tearing down, the sneaky Photo Ninja of Studio Apocalypse got this picture of me. By the way, if any of you are interested in the decorations I have posted for your own Steampunk themed party, please feel free to contact me. I would be more than willing to offer my services at an affordable price.
This is probably the best shot of the deco. You can see many of the hanging gears on the right, a few wall gears on the left and the Tesla coil just behind my girl (and in the mirror :)

As far as costumes went, the Girl provided me with a good idea of what she wanted to do. And I happened across some awesome materials to work with. So I did my best, in my early mornings, to make it happen. Over all it went pretty smoothly this time around. At one point a friend of ours (my Girl's dance partner) came over looking for fashion advice and asked what I was wearing... Now, my girl had asked me a few times so I had put some thought into it. While on the spot I went to my closet and pulled out stuff that I thought could work. Turns out I really didn't have to really do much for mine :). I did something anyway at the last minute. But hey, that's the way things tend to go around here: get everything else done and rush for my own costume at the last minute. After a lot of work and a lot of day-in-day-out trying to make things move forward here are the results... Enjoy!

The lovely Deathwish dancers Mine is the 3rd from the right. I also made the spats for the second from the right :).

The lovely dancers all posing with my Steampunk Guns :) Awesome

Me, my Girl and the Deco Crew. Thank you for all the help guys!
My Girl up one stage dancing in her steampunk attire.

Me and the Deco Boys posing in our Steampunk finery.

Very cool silhouette shot of me

Thank you to Studio Apocalypse and  Gothic Monk Photography for your awesome photos throughout the night.