Monday, February 14, 2011

Wow lot of work lately... :) not a bad thing though

So, here I thought I would have a bit of a break after Halloween, turns out, far from it. A lot of various projects popped up on top of trying to make some X-mas presents. The monthly themed club night I posted about a bit ago, Deathwish (click here to see that post), Ended up becoming more than just a night out for both me and my girl. Now she is one of the Go-Go dancers for the night and I did the January flier (and now looks like I may be doing more thani thought. :) ) What this generally means is every month she really has to dress the theme now, and now I have a lot of designing to do, both her "costume" and the fliers :) while I'm not complaining, it does add a bit to my monthly work load.

As for projects that I have managed to finish up, well, where to begin...
I've had a bunch of costume stuff to do, as well as with each costume comes new challenges and new ideas on top of that. So hopefully I'll be able to put up new stuff soon, there is a lot of catching up to do as far as pictures and such goes. Also thinking about starting a different blog specifically for Nerf news, mods, and reviews seeing as the art projects are slowly growing in number :), So if your a fan of the nerf specifically keep an eye out for the link and please subscribe when I've got it up.  Till then please check through the older posts and leave me some feedback.

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