Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New 2010 Nerf Blasters

So to break from my normal posts for a few minutes I thought I'd toss out some information on the newest additions to the Nerf line. There was a lot of speculation on what guns would be coming out this year and now that they've finally released some and put out some press on them, I thought it's about time I put my two cents in. :)

First some basic info. 3 of the blasters coming out are store exclusive, meaning they will only be released in certain chains. So just to make it clear as to where you can get them:

The "Alpha Trooper CS-18" is exclusively available from Target
The "Barrel Break IX-2" Is exclusively available from Toys'r'us
Finally the "Spectre Rev-5" is exclusively available from Walmart.

So that said let me try to go over each one...

Alpha Trooper CS-18
  • 18-20 dart drum mag, MUCH smaller than the raider.
  • Front cocking.
  • N-Strike Stock compatible.
  • Slam Fire.
  • Two Sling points.
  • Fairly Light and comfortable
  • Tactical rail
  • Same reverse plunger system as Recon
  • Does not come with stock
  • No barrel attachment point

I recently picked up a Alpha Trooper CS-18 at a local target, so I'll start with it. Generally speaking it's nothing all that different than say the Recon or the raider. Basically the same internal reverse plunger system but it does have a nice front "shot gun" like cocking handle and two sling points for strapping it over your shoulder. It does except N-Strike stock but does not actually come with one, which cuts down on the price but honestly it would have been nice to not have to steal off a different blaster just to have a stock. It does not have a barrel attachment point, but frankly that would have been a bit redundant with the already elongated barrel. The one key point on this blaster is the 18 dart drum mag, that can fit up to 20. Opposed to the raiders 35 dart drum, this one is MUCH smaller and a lot less bulky, which at the price of just 15 darts desent trade off. Overall for only roughly $20 it's worth picking up.

Barrel Break IX-2
  • Unique design
  • Shots 1 or 2 darts depending on trigger pull
  • Unique priming design. 
  • Tactical rail
  • Size roughly equal to alpha trooper. 
  • comes with 8 dart holder rail accessory
  • It's a double barrel shot gun. That in it's self is pretty awesome. 
  • only load two darts at a time.
  • no stock or barrel attachments (meh doesn't need em).
  • Bit bulky for only two darts at a time.

Shot above from SGNerf as it was the best shot I could find :) By all means for a much more indepth review head over to: His Review here Or head over to Nerf Mods & Reviews
Since I have not gotten my hands on one just yet.

Honestly I'm looking forward to getting a hold of one of these. It may not be clip or drum feed, or even have the rotating barrel of a maverick or a spectre, but come on it's basically a double barrel sawed off shot gun right out of the box. as well as the dart clip attachment would be useful and the internals are unique design for once.

Spectre Rev-5

  • Barrel attachment point
  • Stock attachment point
  • Tactical rail 
  • Folding stock
  • Barrel attachment
  • Pistol only slightly different from a maverick
  • Unique look.
  • Maverick with one less barrel
  • Basically the same internals as a Maverick
  • The Priming handle looks to be a bit awkward.
Honestly not sure what to think on this one ... looks like a lesser maverick with attachments. While the look is different I'm not to sure about paying more simply for the attachments and one less barrel. I'll likely pick one up whenever walmart decides to carry the "walmart exclusive" blaster in my area.

Finally and the two they "tried" to keep under wraps. Honestly in this day in age enough fan base and nothing will stay "secret" for long.

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS-50 Blaster

  • full auto fire or bursts depending on trigger pull 180darts per minute.
  • clip fed.
  • removable tactical blast shield.
  • 6 tactical rails.
  • removable front Handle/Bi-pod.
  • A regular plunger rod design.
  • comes with 3 18 dart clips and 1 6 dart clip and 60 darts
  • 6 D batteries is going to make it stock heavy. 
  • blast shield looks a bit hard to deal with.
  • No manual cocking
  • If batteries are dead it won't fire.

And Lastly the elusive  
Nerf Barricade Rev-10
Estimated release date 11/15/10
  • A Semi Auto pistol
  • Looks to run off 3 AA batteries.
  • Ten rotating barrels 
  • Jam door
  • N-Strike stock Attachment point
  • Tactical rail.
  • Rumored to sell for $15.99
  • We have to wait for it :) 
  • No manual cocking obvious.
  • who knows about the plunger system. 
Trying to find much info on the Barricade rev-10 is a pain at best most info is gathered from leaked pictures and speculation. It is supposed to come with 10 whistler darts, be semi auto, and obviously 10 barrels.


    1. when will the alpha trooper and the double barrel be in stores

    2. allso a con it has flywhells

    3. Love it and The Stampede Just Came In CANADA!!!

    4. The Alpha trooper and the break barrel are already out in stores.

    5. I have the stampede, the spectre rev 5 and the barrel break one question
      when will the barricade come out in canada