Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Update and some Reviews

Been pretty busy lately but very glad for the warm weather, a lot of projects that I've had on the shelf can be continued since they produce messes that would be better suited to happen outside. But a lot of progress made, Finally got my ebay account active again... long story. A few videos in the works hopefully be up in the next few weeks. Finished up some custom wooden display cases for both the DreamEater and the Xeric as well as a bit other work for one that has yet to been shown to more than a handful of friends :).

In Other news finished reading up a few good books:

  A very interesting collection of short stories. In my opinion it's a pretty good collection for the genre. Some of the stories are fantastic others leave me wanting more meat to them but good basics. If I were to suggest a good starter to the genre for those that haven't read any this would be a pretty good starting point. Easy to read through with a good range of styles. To be honest a few of the stories took me a bit to get through mostly because they just didn't engage very much seemed a bit dry, but others honestly made the book, well written engaging and honestly make you not want to put the book down. Over all I'd give it a B+ well worth a read and a good price for the amount of beautiful examples of different takes on the steampunk genre. If you are at all interested in the Steampunk ideals this is a nice primer for what is out there.

Whitechapel Gods, Honestly I enjoyed this one a lot, nice character development, plenty of rich environments, nice tidbits of steampunk gadgets and guns, and honestly a very good story. The beginning takes a little to get used to the ideas and the imagery  but once you have a grasp on it it flows very well. The opening honestly does an excellent job of pulling you in and throwing you right in the thick of things. Through out the book there are wonderful, engaging, suspenseful scenes, that honestly make it a hard one to put down. Plenty of twists and turns and very interesting evolution of the main character.  Wonderful plot and honestly a must read for anyone at all interested in what the Steampunk genre has to offer. A+

By happenstance i also ran across a very interesting Video game that I honestly hadn't heard much if anything about. I remember hearing the name but thats about all.

Damnation Honestly ran across a preview for this one and was intrigued, so I picked it up. So far (as I haven't played it all the way through) it's a very interesting industrial twist on the steampunk genre. Very well executed integration of the steam weapons and costuming, even has a air ship and clockwork/steam engine men and limbs :). If you liked Prince of Persia this one kinda has the same feel but with guns and steam cycles. Well wounded graphics and game play, with many ways to play with friends, four distinct multiplayer modes and support for up to eight players on each map.  If your a gamer and like steampunk head over and pick this one up. Available for PC Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and since it's just over a year old the price is reasonable now ;).

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