Sunday, April 2, 2017

Project Destiny: Void/Sol/Arc Edge Legendary Swords

There I am working on both the Young Wolf's Howl and the Dark Drinker and I think to myself  "you know why not brush off the old 'Edge' blade and give that one a go too." Sure why not overload on the saw dust from all the sanding. Besides it was a simple enough blade frankly I'm not entirely sure why I didn't just take an afternoon to get it done.

Like the Dark Drinker I decided immediately to just trash the old blade and start fresh. This one was frankly a cake walk compared to the other two I was working on it was a very simple design and only some tiny details so I cut it out and got to work.

Frankly this one went so quick I didn't manage to take a single photo of the process so let's not waste anymore time and just share with you the final product.


The real beauty about this one is I can offer you all the Void Edge, Sol Edge, and the Arc Edge depending on your preference all it takes is a different crystal. Once I get pictures of the others I'll update this post, for now I only have pictures of the Void Edge.

So if you would like to pick yourself up one of these beautiful swords head over to my Etsy Shop and grab one today.

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