Monday, April 3, 2017

Project Destiny: Elite Medals

As I was writing up my 15+ days of releases I started tinkering with things I thought I would like to see but still hadn't really seen anyone do. I had already done the work on the Age of Triumph and the record book coins/medallions. But then I realized I wanted to fill up my board I was etching to maximize the space I had available.

I started thinking of the various things I hadn't seen. I realized there is a lot of things I could do. I had always loved the designs on the various Detinsy medals, they had a very military feel to them but the art work on them was great. I wanted to add a little bit more to my 'look at what we have accomplished' especially with the announcement of Destiny 2.

I started looking over the various medals and with over a hundred to choose from I had to narrow it down. So I decided what better place to start than at the top. I collected the various art work from the top tier yellow/gold medals they have. The hardest ones to get. I thought why not give all those top tier guardians a way to show off what they have accomplished even outside of the Destiny universe.

After the Etching was done and the medals were cleaned up I molded them. I intended to cold cast them in brass as I thought it gave them a very beautiful metal finish for these awesome little pins.

After I cast them I gave them a quick aging to make the brass stand out more in contrast. I think the results were outstanding. Don't take my word for it judge for yourself.


I wanted them to be small but big enough to see the details of each, so they are about the size of a quarter. That way if you want to sport the whole set it could be done without taking up to much room.

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