Monday, March 27, 2017

Project Destiny: The Dark Drinker

Back when The Taken King came out Bungie introduced the first of the heavy weapons swords into the game. Being that I had made the Sword of Crota already I felt it my duty to continue making the swords of Destiny.

I had originally had the intention to make all of the various swords the had introduced all at the same time. However as usual plans did not go the way I had intended and I just couldn't manage to find the time, or funds, to take on all of them at once. I had started them and got the blades originally made in foam but I wasn't entirely happy with how they came out.

Then I got a commission for the Raze Lighter, I was very excited as it gave me the funds to get it finished. While that gave me the handle, cross guard and crystal all already molded the rest of the swords still remained on the back burner.

I had many people inquire about if I would make them the Dark Drinker after they saw my Raze Lighter, however unfortunately they all fell through for one reason or another. I still wanted to make it but I had so many other projects in the works it just wasn't on the table.

Then during my slow time I started work on the Young Wolf's Howl. Well this got me thinking about my various sword again. I decided to dust off my old unfinished projects and get them finished. I wanted to have a finished product instead of the old dusty foam blades that had been hanging in my shop for over a year.

I pulled down the Dark Drinker blade, dust it off, and immediately decided while it was a good start I wanted to start fresh. I wanted to be proud of it when it was done and the old foam blade just wasn't quite up to par. Seeing as how I had the wood left over from making the Young Wolf's Howl blade I decided I'd make it again, better, stronger... ok so yeah I cut it out of the wood.
I don't have a ton of progress pictures per say but I did take video of almost the entire process, so if i get around to doing so video editing there will be a link to that.

Here are a few shots in the shop as I was getting the paint on it.

And here are the 'glamour shots' of this massive beauty. Measuring in at a huge 56 inches

I'm glad to have another sword finished and frankly I think this one turned out beautifully. It rivals my Sword of Crota in size but has it's own beauty. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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