Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Project Destiny: Thorn 2.0 back and better than ever

My first Thorn (the year 1 epic handcannon from Destiny, full right up of the first build here) was a one off scrap build for a customer. When that commission fell threw it found a good home on the USS STETHEM. well I Had another commission for the Thorn, from the same person. This time it was one among several other guns the same person wanted. (List and links at the end)

I decided this time I wanted to build something I could mold. I wanted to be able to offer it to fans without having to do a scrap build every time. I also wanted to integrate more features this time. It is appropriately labeled an Epic gun. The look is unique and cannot be mistaken for any other handcannon in the game so I wanted to do it justice. Working trigger and hammer, drop out reload, cartridge you can load yourself. Well someone did an incredible job 3D modeling all these features already, so opposed to reinventing the wheel, I started with this model. Not at all to say that this is a simple print and finish job. I went in to the model and made it my own I put a lot of work in adding details, making a lot of adjustments before printing. In post printing made a ton more adjustments and customizing to my final piece. The final piece was something I was proud of something that had departed so much from the original that I felt it was my own, yet still kept the brilliant functions of the original. I made a mold of all the final pieces and this is the final results.

I give a lot of respect to those out there that want to get a 3D printed version (granted it is a lot cheaper) and finish it up themselves.

But, I know not everyone has the time and means to so if you would like to get your hands on one of my finished pieces your can head over here to my etsy store and get your self a full finished Thorn to call your own.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Project Fallout: Nuka Cola Quantum Keychain

I have made on or two products to be shipped out in GamerCrates monthly loot box. The approached me to make something for their Fallout themed box for January. After throwing some ideas around, some of which are still in the works for personal release, we finally settled on something. Nuka Cola Quantum key-chains. It took me a bit to get it to come out right. Once I had the original prototype done to my liking I finally made a one off mold and cast enough to make a larger master mold. These little things turned out a lot better than I thought they would. with just a little while in the light they will glow for a long while. After I had made enough to ship out to GamerCrates I made a ton of extras.
One actually hangs from my keys.

I no longer carry these in my Etsy store for a few reasons but they are still available direct from me. If you Like what you see you can pick up a few with the buy now link below.

If you like what you see you can pick one up here in my Etsy store.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Project Destiny: Touch of Malice Exotic scout rifle

The Touch of Malice. The new Gjallarhorn of The Taken King. Personally, I still haven't managed to get it in the game but I did get to make it. The commissioner wanted it to be as accurate as possible. For those of you that have seen it or have it in the game, you already know that it is pretty much impossible to bring that piece scout rifle into the real world and have it actually do the same things. First off it has an ever turning gyro in the center on top of that the rings are not connected to anything on top of that it holds a rock that becomes a crackling storm cloud as you fire...
This was probably one of the most difficult and yet easiest builds I have tackled. The hard part was capturing the impossible gyroscope, I finally settled on having it act like a regular gyroscope (aka it was actually connected to the gun) I 3D modeled the middle section of the gun and printed it as solid as I could manage so that the rings and the incredibly thin top "rails" would not snap as it rotated. Once printed and mounted I gave the thing a few test spins and was presently surprised that they worked. Pretty good for my first try at a gyroscope. Just for the record no they are not perfectly balanced as I knew I wanted them to come to rest and what they held in the center there was no chance of balancing perfectly anyhow, so I was happy with "close enough".

Next challenge, how do you make a tangible storm cloud. Believe it or not I rolled this one in the back of my head for a long while, in the meantime I built the entire gun around this one piece I wasn't sure how I would make. It was nearly complete when it finally struck me. I would take a "rock" and make put "storm clouds" all over it, and then make some "lightning" happens in those clouds.
So here's what I did my "rock" was actually a piece of scrap from a Sword of Crota had the right appearance to it so no paint needed. Also it was light enough to suspend with out it hanging it stayed just about perfectly in the center.
My "Storm Clouds" were actually an old miniatures fog/smoke trick. I put spray glue on my rock and then attached cotton balls all over it then pulled them off to leave gaps here and there. Now I a rock in the middle of white puffy clouds. A quick couple sprays of black over them and they became dark storm clouds with some white showing through here and there.
For the Lightning I added some more spray glue and sprinkled in some of my glow powder. It fell into the cracks and crevasses, and created lighting in my storm cloud.
All of this turned into the center piece for this gun. I suspended it in the center of the gyroscope with fishing line as it was the easiest way to keep it there and from a distance it would not look as though anything was attached but still had the strength that it wouldn't eventually snap and leave it hanging.
All of the ruins all over the rings were probably one of the biggest challenge as the only real clear picture only shows maybe 5-6 and there are tons on it. I poured over many game play videos of YouTube pausing whenever I could make out another ruin and drawing it out. Once I thought I had enough I went to carving them all.
Then I did something I never really thought I would do in prop making. I made an outfit for a gun. Yup, patterned it out from my build, cut the pieces from burlap and a grey canvas, sewed it all together, had ToM try it on made alterations as necessary, stained it, dyed it, frayed it, airbrushed some shadows and some highlights, and finally sewed all of the "course stitches" by hand. Then I dressed up ToM and he looked great.
All and all this was a simple yet very multimedia build. most of the bulk of the gun is made from EVA foam but as mentioned some parts that just wasn't an option. Here are a few progress shots, not a ton with this one.

With that I present to you my replica of The exotic scout rifle Touch of Malice

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. While this one is not currently for sale as this was a scratch built one off please feel free to visit my Etsy store for other guns and items that are available.

Personal Project: Crow Skull Cane

Every once in a while I get an idea that just hits me, one of those ideas that as a prop builder you just have to do. I rarely get the chance to make things specifically for myself, between orders, commissions, new builds, and just life in general. This time I had an idea and acted on it, I jotted it down before it disappeared into the back burner. I wanted to make myself a unique cane handle, something I had never seen before. I wanted to model it, print it, clean it up, mold it, and cast it in brass. Since the idea was very clear in my head for once I knew I could do it as a side project and not effect my main work flow to much.
 The very next day I took a bit of time to 3D model it. Here is a screenshot.

Then got it printing while I worked on my other pressing projects. Once the print was done I wanted to make sure my dimensions matched what I had intended.

Little bit of adjustments but over all pretty much perfect.

Then it got cleaned up and molded. The next day I did a cold cast of it in Brass after polishing it up and mounting it to the cane I had put together It came out just about perfectly how I had imagined.

Let me know what you think. Who knows maybe I'll make some more. If you are interested in one for yourself Head over to my Etsy and send me a Custom Request as I won't likely be adding this item to my shop just yet.