Saturday, November 28, 2015

Project Destiny: Exclusive Elemental Kinblades?

I may be busy in my shop, pretty much constantly, but I do try to keep up on things. With Destiny easily becoming one of my favorite games, and a big part of my props recently, I just say the new "Refer a Friend" thing they have going on. With exclusive rewards I'm starting to think who of my friends doesn't already play. The 2 biggest things that caught my eye was the Sparrow with neon but more importantly the new melee option "Elemental Kinblades". As if i wasn't busy enough now there is yet another sword to make. Here are pretty much all the images of these new Kinblades I could find. Judging from the trailer the only one being shown right now is the Arc Kinblade.

If you head over to armory you can find they look just like the Infinity Edge weapons.

Now I'm not sure if they are simply mislabeled somewhere or if the refer a friends version will have different stats or perks. I guess time will tell but one thing is for sure, I have even more new swords to work on.


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