Thursday, August 13, 2015

Destiny Project: Japan Order COMPLETE!

After completing the entire order for "Mr. Japan" plus a little extra. I had some cancellations on the order, right before sending it all out. Typically I do not except cancellation on commission pieces. The reason behind this is simple I invest a lot of time and money in making custom pieces. I am not a big company, just me. When you consider that every item take research, drawing up plans, building the piece, tweaking the piece as I build it, final once over, and then the paint process to make it all look right, it takes a lot of time and materials to get it to a completed product. After all of this, to have someone back out of a commission is pretty devastating to my bank account not to mention my time. The reason I charge up front for my pieces is so that money can go towards the development of the product, including materials, when someone cancels those materials become and out of pocket expense and I am left with a piece I can hopefully find another buyer for.

All in all it turned out OK but the final tally ended up being as follows.
After 3 and a half months, 127 emails(no joke!), 7 builds total, and 4 order cancellations. "Mr. Japan's" order was finally in the mail on it's way.
In total I made: 
2 Swords of Crota (both ended up canceled)
1 Thorn (canceled and now on it's way to USS Stethem)
1 Hawkmoon (canceled just before it was completed)
1 Last Word
1 Word of Crota
and 1 Red Death

While I had enjoyed the builds and the challenge of making so much all at the same time, when it came down to it, I was happy it was complete. I got tons of pictures and it inspired me to do more. If you are wondering I included the "Mantel of Gheleon" as a thank you for all the commissions. It was for his son that was in the hospital.

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