Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Destiny Project: The Last Word

About a week after receiving the commission for Thorn the same person commissioned another piece, The Last Word. When they first asked I had not yet seen this one, yes I have and play destiny but honestly I don't get a ton of spare time to indulge. After looking it up I realized there was a lot of detail in this one and it has an old west feel to it in a strange way. I liked the challenge so I quoted a price and on payment I started working on it.

I collected my many visual sources and this is also about the time I found With the "view in 3D" option it makes an excellent source for people looking to build their own props since you can literally look at the weapon from any angle. With my materials collected my references at the ready I started.

Not a ton of WIP pics on this one, unfortunately. But this is what the finished product end up looking like.

Over all I like the way it turned out but it wasn't quite as clean a look as I would have liked. The customer was happy with it. I might take a second crack at this one sometime in the near future. Let me know what you think by commenting below. This one might just become another one I make up for sale if there is enough demand. Also if there is something out there that you think I should make let me know and maybe I will.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Destiny Project: Thorn

I think Thorn is one of those guns that just about everyone wants or wants to make. Mostly I think it's because it has such a unique look to it, organic but still clearly a hand cannon. I had the intention to try my hand at it but was putting it off. I love organic designs but I had a ton of work what with orders for the Sword of Crota. Then I got a commission for it, what better incentive than someone actually wanting to pay me to make one. It was just the beginning, but where better to start.

So the Thorn a hand cannon measuring 21" the thing is huge i had to scale it down a bit for the simple sake of being able to comfortably hold it (though I do want to make and accurate to scale version if there is enough interest.). my plans had it measuring around 18" total. Still keeping the size pretty big yet still comfortable to hold.

The first one was made of EVA primarily to keep it light for the commissioner. Here are some pictures of the process.

Ready to begin paint, first step sealing the foam with some plati-dip. As I said Thorn was just the beginning here you can see progress on The Last Word as well.

After sealing it and doing a little touch up it was ready for paint and here is the finished Thron from Destiny.

It turned out awesome. Unfortunately the commissioner canceled their order literally 2 days after I finished the paint. I put it up on Etsy as a one of a kind and within 6 hours it was sold and shortly after sent off to the USS Stethem. Given how quickly it sold I will be offering more up for sale in the near future.