Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New 2010 Nerf Blasters

So to break from my normal posts for a few minutes I thought I'd toss out some information on the newest additions to the Nerf line. There was a lot of speculation on what guns would be coming out this year and now that they've finally released some and put out some press on them, I thought it's about time I put my two cents in. :)

First some basic info. 3 of the blasters coming out are store exclusive, meaning they will only be released in certain chains. So just to make it clear as to where you can get them:

The "Alpha Trooper CS-18" is exclusively available from Target
The "Barrel Break IX-2" Is exclusively available from Toys'r'us
Finally the "Spectre Rev-5" is exclusively available from Walmart.

So that said let me try to go over each one...

New 2010 Clear Nerf Guns

The 2010 Nerf Clear series. Not a lot to say about them other than the fact that they seem to be out in stores now. If you don't know already the clear series is 5 of the previously released blasters with clear shells. Granted I picked myself up a clear Maverick recently and I have to say I do like it, I think it's more being able to see the internal workings of them that intrigues me. We have the  

Then there is, of course, the NERF N-STRIKE CLEAR MAVERICK REV-6

Sunday, August 1, 2010

So an update...

So felt it about time i post some new stuff up. I got another two videos up on my youtube one was a completed case and holster for The Dreameater, which I have to say looked pretty amazing and has now been sold in an effort to fund future projects, as well as some other personal goals :). Take a look at the Video -

In addition to the Dreameater video I put up a video for one of my other guns simple and yet elegant "The Goo Gun". I think I'll let the Video Tell the story for me :)

It was a project that was kind of a spur of the moment started and completed in one day. I like the out come of the pure I was trying to give it a simple, elegant look to it. Then with the help of a friend it suddenly took life with a great back story. So please let me know what you think either here or on my youtube page.

I also have MANY projects in the works some are nearly done, some barely started, but all will be some pretty amazing things by the time i get them finished up (I hope)Currently have about 5-6 guns I'm working on so trying to juggle them all at about the same time has slowed me down a bit as well as some side work that took up far to much time, but hopefully will be worth the effort.

So I bid you ado for now. please feel free to let me know what you think.