Saturday, February 20, 2010

The 5 Clear Nerf blasters revealed

In The world of nerf a press release noted that there would be many things coming out this year. Some of them were already rumored around such as the Nerf Longstrike, as well as the Nerf Deploy, also a ton of accessories such as the Nerf Bandolier Dart Kit and many smaller dart sets, some including glasses, arm pieces, and of course darts.
However one of the mentioned releases in 2010 was a line of 5 "clear blasters" now of course speculation was abound about what 5 they would choose, but no official word was given as to what they would be. The Nerf Maverick seeing as it already has been released in a Clear Maverick form was the most likely to be included but they finally some footage from the 2010 new york toy fair has revealed what those 5 shall be...

So the New clear releases will include:
(note: these links are to the regular versions. i will add link to the clear versions when they become available)
While these are not exactly the top choices by a lot of nerfers our there they did seem to pick a few good ones. The possibilities for the new clear versions are racing through my head :). Perhaps soon i will have to make some wonderful clockwork and steam oriented internals to take advantage of the clear casings, we shall see.


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