Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello world ;)

The amazing working of the Interwebs has brought this wonderful possibility for me a humble artist, to share my journeys through the lands of creation. From the concept to the completion of mere ideas until brought to life.

Around 2 years back my life took a rather drastic change, as I was involved in a very nearly fatal accident. I shall spare you the details however, it did indeed change the ways I saw things. While I was unable to follow the course of work I once had, it did give the time to think of the various projects that I had put on back burner, and see all of them in a new light. It also allowed me the time, and the passion to follow these, whereas before work was my predominate time taker.

Since that time. I've explored various genres that have piqued my interest. Everything from steam punk to diesel punk, and many varying things in between. I've created things from wood, Nerf guns, plastics of various sorts, brass, copper, aluminum, and even trash. Using the numerous skills I have acquired from the previous work experience. I have found that anything can be created, all you need is the drive and the passion to follow the idea. hopefully I can bring you along for my journey. and maybe inspire a few of you to follow those ideas that you've put off for years.


  1. dood you make same good staf .Can I order you a nerf gun and if yes how mache will it cost?

  2. How mache will it cost?