Saturday, February 20, 2010

The 5 Clear Nerf blasters revealed

In The world of nerf a press release noted that there would be many things coming out this year. Some of them were already rumored around such as the Nerf Longstrike, as well as the Nerf Deploy, also a ton of accessories such as the Nerf Bandolier Dart Kit and many smaller dart sets, some including glasses, arm pieces, and of course darts.
However one of the mentioned releases in 2010 was a line of 5 "clear blasters" now of course speculation was abound about what 5 they would choose, but no official word was given as to what they would be. The Nerf Maverick seeing as it already has been released in a Clear Maverick form was the most likely to be included but they finally some footage from the 2010 new york toy fair has revealed what those 5 shall be...

So the New clear releases will include:
(note: these links are to the regular versions. i will add link to the clear versions when they become available)
While these are not exactly the top choices by a lot of nerfers our there they did seem to pick a few good ones. The possibilities for the new clear versions are racing through my head :). Perhaps soon i will have to make some wonderful clockwork and steam oriented internals to take advantage of the clear casings, we shall see.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So, What is Steampunk?

So, I guess I have jumped slightly ahead of myself. How can I show you my Steampunk creations, if you have no idea what Steampunk is. So, to the best of my ability I will try and answer the very basic question. What is steam punk?

When I found steam punk. I was very curious as to what actually term Steampunk meant. And so started doing a lot of research into anything I could find. Let's start with the basics. If you were to take the word Steampunk and break it into its parts the word steam, in this context seems to imply steam powered and would refer to the industrial revolution where steam power took over the previous water power and muscle power. Punk, typically refers to a young person, especially a member of the rebellious counterculture group. So, putting the two together would imply a young person, using steam to rebel against a higher power. That in itself is a fair representation of what steam punk, at its base, is.

The term Steampunk did not emerge until the 1980s, where the author K. W. Jeter, who was trying to find a general term for works by Tim Powers (author of The Anubis Gates), James Blaylock (Homunculus), and himself (Morlock Night and Infernal Devices) which all had a Victorian setting set in the 19th century similar to that of speculative fiction authors such as HG Wells, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, and even Mary Shelley. In 1987 Jeter wrote a letter to the science-fiction magazine Locus, which follows:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let us begin with The Dreameater

Let me try and start at the beginning, long-ago sitting with a bunch of friends  started sketching ideas for a new steam punk gun. The basis the Nerf Maverick it had a very interesting look to it, somewhat bigger than life, but still reminiscent of the classic six shooter. And so I began to sketch, adding pipes, gears, pressurized steam cartridges, etched filigree, and even embellished trigger. The scheme was pretty straightforward breasts and copper with dark accents such as the etched black filigree and the leather like handle. here I share with you, the sketch.
After I was happy with my sketches to begin modifying the Nerf gun, first removing the air restrictors as to get more air to the darts. Second whole lot of cosmetic changes to the basic form, such as heavily modifying the barrel area. The trigger guard, and even the trigger itself. I took off most markings that were on the Nerf gunsuch is the name the n-strike logo of Nerf logo and various warnings,basically giving myself a clean slate. After working on it off and on just about a year.trying to find the perfect pieces to my puzzle. Everything from the brass pipes to the copper cartridge holders even pieces for my gauges, most of them came from things I had sitting around. After a long while of trying to get it right. I finally came up with something that I liked. Then asked my friends to help me name it. Finally, was born the Dreameater.

Ranges are pretty good considering stock is typically between 20'-25'
Stock darts: 26'-39' Average 35'
Stephan's: 27'-42' Average 40'

And let us not forget the YouTube video that i just finished maybe 2 days ago and posted it and if you like it please visit my YouTube page comment, rate and subscribe as there will be more updates.

Hello world ;)

The amazing working of the Interwebs has brought this wonderful possibility for me a humble artist, to share my journeys through the lands of creation. From the concept to the completion of mere ideas until brought to life.

Around 2 years back my life took a rather drastic change, as I was involved in a very nearly fatal accident. I shall spare you the details however, it did indeed change the ways I saw things. While I was unable to follow the course of work I once had, it did give the time to think of the various projects that I had put on back burner, and see all of them in a new light. It also allowed me the time, and the passion to follow these, whereas before work was my predominate time taker.

Since that time. I've explored various genres that have piqued my interest. Everything from steam punk to diesel punk, and many varying things in between. I've created things from wood, Nerf guns, plastics of various sorts, brass, copper, aluminum, and even trash. Using the numerous skills I have acquired from the previous work experience. I have found that anything can be created, all you need is the drive and the passion to follow the idea. hopefully I can bring you along for my journey. and maybe inspire a few of you to follow those ideas that you've put off for years.